Can’t recommend more! Friendly and professional. Did a great job!

- Amanda M.

Came quickly and made two keys for my 2004 Yamaha Roadstar Midnight Silverado motorcycle.

- Donald S.

Very quick and efficient locksmith service! I have called them multiple times. The representatives are very reliable, perform their work quickly, and explain everything in detail. I am very happy with their service. Great job!

- Pamela J.

I wasn’t able to open the entry door of my grocery store because the lock was jammed. I called Giddy Up Locksmith for unlocking the door and installing new locks on it. Their service was fast and efficient, and I no longer face any problem with that door!

- Corry T.

Quality service. Fast and easy for programming your car key.

- Jessica K.

Giddy Up Locksmith is absolutely amazing. Very professional and expedited services. I lost my keys at work recently. The dealership wanted to charge me $280+ for a new key and key fob, along with up to 2 hours of service doing so. Giddy Up Locksmith charged me a reasonable price of $140, and it only took 30 minutes. I normally don’t leave reviews on Google but felt the need to let the world know how awesome this company is. You will not be disappointed.

- Joshua B.

The only shop that could do the job I needed. After someone tried to tamper with my tailgate lock, I ordered a new lock cylinder and had it re-keyed here. Fair pricing, too!

- Archer R.

These guys are awesome. Quick and super knowledgeable. Requested service on programming a truck key-fob. When it comes to keys, these are your guys.

- Indiana M.

I got locked out. They were able to help me getting back into my condo after my electronic lock ran out of battery.

- Tammy M.

Got locked out in the early morning, and they were fast to help me.

- Virginia C.

I bought some used file cabinets that came without keys. With the help of Giddy Up Locksmith, I was able to get a set for each of them made.

- Bernadette T.

They were really fast getting to me to unlock my car!

- Laurent G.

Very good prices! I had another key made for my Honda. The guy was very nice and professional.

- Ariane B.

Shimi made me a motorcycle key after I lost my only set. The only locksmith I found that makes motorcycle keys.

- Elaine C.

My husband lost the key fob at work while still working. Later that night, the guy shows up and opens up my car, so he could program the new key Fob. Didn’t take long! Service great, fast, and cheap! It works great! I highly recommend Giddy Up Locksmith!

- Liz L.

Shimi was wonderful. My daughter’s purse was stolen on Christmas with her car keys inside. Needless to say, a teenager without the use of a car is a terminal condition! Thank you so much for the quick and professional service. The teenager thanks you for the new key!

- Norshema F.

Quick service. Fairly good prices, too. Thanks for the help!

- Ryan R.

Amazing service; super fast! Great guy, Shimi!! Thank you so much – very satisfied.

- Gian P.

Awesome!!!! Strongly recommending Giddy Up Locksmith!! After calling multiple locksmiths and dealerships to help me to program a new key, Giddy Up Locksmith was the first to say they could and arrived in a very prompt manner and were extremely helpful as well as polite! Even after my car gave them many complications, he managed to fix it! To top it off, they charged me only $150 after other places estimated me $250+! So, the price is soooo reasonable!! Definitely recommend and will use again!

- Breanne T.

Really good customer service! Matthew took care of me and made it look very simple. Very professional and very good price.

- Nagen I.

Fast, friendly, and reliable service. Locksmith was very helpful, and I plan on keeping number for future use and needs. When in a biddy up situation, call Giddy Up Locksmith to assist with your complication. Real talk.

- Peewee G.

Great service! Very fast and professional. Would definitely recommend!

- Amber C.

They’re an amazing, professional team. Hired them to rekey and program a new fob for my truck. They took care of it in like just 20 minutes! Great service.

- K K.

Very professional and punctual staff, who are prompt in their service. Highly recommended for emergency situations. 5 stars!

- Luann H.

Happy to know they are open late. They extracted a broken key out of our front door late at night before closing.

- Leatha F.

Great guys, fast service, and great price. Highly recommend.

- Ulices S.

Had all my locks replaced in my new home. Fast and friendly guy.

- Abigail G.

Super friendly and had the rare smart-key I needed for my Cadillac STS 2007 that nobody else had.

- James L.

Great Dallas locksmith. I had trouble finding someone to cut my 2018 Kia Optima key, but these guys had the right equipment for it.

- Brayden K.

These guys were exactly what I needed! Clear, professional, honest, and quick.

- Harrison H.

I called for an auto key after speaking to dealership. Guy on the phone charged $20.00 with tax, and the dealer tried to sell me a $77.00 key. Do your homework before calling the dealership. This locksmith saved me more than half of the cost.

- Sienna C.

This locksmith was first to come to my rescue after I waited for the other company over an hour.

- Victor D.

Had some extra office keys made here. Friendly guy didn’t take too long either.

- Samantha A.

I needed a remote programmed for my vehicle. Giddy Up Locksmith ordered the remote for me and programmed it at my place. Great staff.

- Dominic V.

They came over and re-keyed our warehouse to a master key. The price was within budget, and service was remarkable. Within a few hours, the technician completed the work, without disturbance to our day-to-day operations. Highly recommended commercial locksmith.

- Hamblin R.

I have had to have Giddy Up Locksmith come to my rescue several times. They are seriously my go-to for anything I need lock-related. So, it started because I kept losing my dang mailbox key! Don’t ask me how…it just kept happening. It got to a point where I had to just catch the mailman when he was opening the whole mail thing, so I could get my mail. It just got to be frustrating, and I kept missing important stuff. So, that’s when I first started calling Giddy Up Locksmith when I had to change the lock three or four times for just myself. Then, I started renting out my condo and with each tenant, I have to change the locks on my house and on the mailbox key. Each time the service is great and fast and done the same day. I am very appreciative of them and have been using them for years. They’ve even helped friends of mine who were locked out of their cars! They’re on my speed dial lol! Thank you for all you do for me, guys! I appreciate you all!!

- Imogen W.

Had my car at the impound, and the police lost my car key, so had to find a mobile locksmith to help me. Shimi came out and was really fast. He made my key quickly and gave me a good deal on it, too. I recommend Giddy Up Locksmith if you ever lose your keys.

- Jeron M.

I highly recommend this locksmith. My bag was stolen from the train station with my car keys in It. I searched for a locksmith who is a mobile and can make my car key at the train station. Giddy up Locksmith came to rescue me and made my key fast and at an affordable rate. The technician was very patient and professional. Thank you, Shimi, the auto locksmith.

- Olabisi B.

The guys at Giddy Up Locksmith offer professional and knowledgeable service at a reasonable price. Shimi and Kenny are friendly guys who helped me with a lock-and-key problem. Kenny responded quickly, and he got the job done. Great service.

- Larry C.

I had a key made for my car on Monday by Shimi, and the service was absolutely AMAZING! I had already had another company come out and try and make me a new key, and they couldn’t figure out how to get it done, so then I called Giddy Up Locksmith, and they sent out Shimi, and he got the job done in 30 min or less. Will definitely recommend this company to friends and family!

- Kelsey l.

Tried to get into my car for over 2 hours, messed up my car but called Giddy Up Locksmith, and they arrived within minutes and got my car opened in literally 2 minutes. He also made me a key on site, so I don’t ever run into this issue again. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind! 10/10 recommend! Thank you Giddy Up Locksmith!!!

- Adalee L.

These guys are amazing. They are quick, professional, and just overall perfect. They came through for me in a time of need, and I don’t know what I would have done without them. I will definitely be spreading the word about these guys. Thank you so much!!!!

- Kira H.

Key stopped working on my car, so I had to call a locksmith. I was happy to know they were right across the road. The technician who came over was very informative and was able to cut me a new key.

- Monica K.

Quick entry for less than I have paid others. And no damage!

- Mark L.

Walked in without keys and came out with new keys and a clicker. Excellent service.

- Julian M.

I walked in and they took care of me immediately. Fair pricing and great service.

- Keira D.

I walked in and they took care of me immediately. Fair pricing and great service.

- Keira D.

Fantastic service. Quick and easy. Got my keys made here and worked smoother than my original. Would recommend if you need a key made cheap and fast.

- Jorja W.

Great job. This locksmith made me a remote for my car.

- Kathleen H.

Great family business, I have used them a few times and was very happy with the service.

- Cheryl T.

Lost my key for my trailer and needed it opened. The guy came out and popped it.

- Alison M.

My purse was stolen with my car keys in it. Kenny came to the rescue and made me a replacement key on the spot. Thanks, Kenny.

- Warren S.

Technician showed up on time and repaired the lock on my gate. Arrived on time and price was reasonable.

- Kevin G.

This is the second time using this locksmith company after locking my keys inside my car, and it was a pleasure. Kenny saved the day again.

- Paschal B.

Unlocked my car in less than 2 minutes! We managed to lock ourselves out of our car while shopping at the galleria mall. In little to no time at all, the mobile locksmith service came by and just popped the door open in 1-2-3! The arrival time was as promised, and price was fair.

- Brittney G.

Shimi was very courteous and respectful. Thank you so much for the friendly service and the way you performed. I could not be more pleased.

- Robert

Great customer service. They came really fast. The guy was super respectful and finished his job really fast. Always ask for Shimi. He did an awesome job on my car. 5 stars is the least I can do!!!

- Wael H.

Lost my car key at a soccer game. Called Giddy Up Locksmith to help me. The technician came out quickly and made my car key in no time. Highly recommend. The price was not bad either.

- Sokoro S.

I had my car keys lost while at work on a Sunday. Then, I called Giddy Up Locksmith, and they came and made me a new key for my car at a very reasonable price. The model of my car is 2007 Toyota Camry XLE. These guys are indeed awesome!

- Bolaji B.

Matthew from Giddy Up Locksmith provided exceptional service!!! Will definitely recommend this locksmith to the next person in need! Thank you, guys, so much. 5 STARS

- Mark W.

We got locked out of our office, and my kids left their jackets inside the office. But thank goodness Giddy Up Locksmith services were right there at a very comfortable price and the best customer service. I called so many places, but all of the places charge very crazy pricec. Giddy Up Locksmith is very comfortable in price charging.

- Shehvar A.