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The purpose of a lock is to prevent unauthorized access to a space. Locks are used on all types of structures, including homes, businesses, and other facilities. Choosing the right type of lock can improve the security of your space while providing access to those who need to get in and out. One option to consider for your home or business is a combination keypad. This type of lock is often used as part of an access control system, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain entry into a space.

Combination Keypads in Dallas, Texas

As their name suggests, combination keypads allow the user to enter a code instead of using a key to open the lock. When an authorized user enters the correct combination into the keypad, the lock or deadbolt releases, granting them access through the door. Some combination keypads contain batteries or are electrically wired to function properly. You can also enhance the level of security with a keypad that automatically locks and remains locked for a set period of time if a user enters multiple incorrect combinations.

Combination keypads eliminate the need to carry around your keys. They’re convenient and easy to use, but they’re also incredibly secure. Since the keypad uses a different locking mechanism than a traditional keyed lock, it can’t be picked like a traditional lock. If you give out the combination to people who no longer need access, you can just change the code and maintain the security of the space without having to rekey or change the lock.

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